Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sunnyvale, CA

Bring your life back into balance!


Chiung-I Tsai, (Marsha) L.Ac.


I was born in Taiwan and grew up receiving care from tradition Chinese medicine doctors. I now live in northern California and am excited to serve my community having recently graduated from Five Branches University with MTCM degree (Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Chiung-I has helped me with several things. I have injured my shoulder such that I could not raise my arm above chest height (from over work - damaged/sprain tendons) after treatment I had 100% motion back and 85% pain gone.
Acupuncture treated my sinuses when I was very congested - amazingly when Chiung-I put the needles in my face and hit the trigger point all the congestion cleared up and I could breath - it really helped in getting good rest while sick so I could recover.

Everyone deserves a life lived in harmony!