Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine in Sunnyvale, CA

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is a form of healthcare that encompasses herbal remedies and nutrition, exercise like tai chi and qi gong, and modalities such as acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion. The foundation of TCM is a view of the body as a whole, taking into consideration mental, emotional, and physical health.


New Patient Appointment ~ $90

Your first appointment will consist of a detailed patient intake, plus the first acupuncture treatment, discussion of future treatment plan and goals, and prescription of an herbal formula if neccessary. Any herbal formula will be charged accordingly.

Follow Up Appointments ~ $75

Follow up appointments typically include acupuncture, and may also include additional complimentary TCM therapies such as cupping or moxibustion.




A key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture is the process of gently inserting very fine needles through the skin at specific points of the body. The points are determined using a meridian system that correlates with different parts of the body. When energy (Qi) flows smoothly through the meridians, our body is in its optimal state of health and balance. If our Qi becomes stagnant or deficient, imbalance and disease can occur. Stimulating specific points along the meridian system with acupuncture can help bring our Qi back into balance.  


Herbal Medicine


Chinese herbs are a significant component to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal remedies can be used to treat physical, emotional, and spiritual issues and are generally used in conjunction with other TCM modalities such as cupping or acupuncture. Herbal remedies can be powerful medicine that should only be used under the care of a licensed TCM practitioner who has assessed the patient’s specific needs and created an individual formula.




Cupping is a commonly used modality within Traditional Chinese Medicine. Similar to acupuncture, cupping follows the meridian systems within the body. Cupping involves applying glass cups to the body, creating suction, and leaving the cups to sit for a period of time. The suction from the cup pulls the skin and muscles upwards thus allowing space for tension and blockages to release.


Here’s what patients are experiencing:

  1. Reduced the nerve pain after chemotherapy.

  2. Reduce sciatic pain and other chronic pain issues. (Lots of them!)

  3. Significantly improved Ménière's disease symptoms

  4. Patient felt facial skin was lifted and tighter after needling

  5. Patient with anxiety experienced a feeling of calm and “look brighter” according to client’s brother

  6. Reduced genital itchiness

  7. Lessened a client’s teeth grinding issue during sleep

I blew out my knee and sprained my wrist riding my skateboard on the steep streets of San Francisco. The treatments from Chiung-I helped my injuries recover faster - I received treatment every few days and was quickly mobile again.
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